Wood floor restoration experts!

Renovate your living space with one of these latest and effective flooring trends of 2017 The Top 10 of Floor Sanding Benefits ! 1.Light reflection improvement 2.Less dust collecting 3.Better foot traffic handling 4.Great smooth feeling 5.Shiny and sparkling appearance 6.Long lasting 7.More welcoming atmosphere 8.Better aqustic 9.Affecting good on functions 10.Protection from future harm… Continue reading Wood floor restoration experts!

Need Sanding or Refinishing of your floor?

Renovation will heal your home An attractive rich wooden floors are fashionable from a 100 years from now.They are big part of every single type of interior. Renovation make them shiny again! The care of your wooden floors should be handled by professionalists . Our company is qualified and focused on top quality sanding support.… Continue reading Need Sanding or Refinishing of your floor?